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XP-2000-Starter   256MB DDR 2100     20GB  ATA100 HD AC-97 Sound          32MB video,          56x CD-Rom,        Mini ATX Case 300W, Stereo Amplified Speakers

XP-2200         512MB DDR 2100  40GB HD  CDRW,                               32MB 3D Graphics    AC97 audio ,             ATX Deluxe Tower Case 400 Watts, Stereo Speakers

Model 1000  $399

Model 2000  $799

Celeron 2.2GHZ 512MB PC133 SDRAM, 60GB HD, ATI 32MB Rage 128, 16x DVD ROM Drive, AC97 Sound,      ATX Deluxe Tower Case 400 Watts, Stereo Speakers & Sub-Woofer

Pentium 4  2.66GHz 1Gig MB DDR           120GB HD, Video   ATI 128MB w/TV  CD-RW 52x24x52,     DVD 16x, WebCam SoundBlaster Digital 5.1 Audio,            ATX Deluxe Tower Case 400 watts, Stereo Speakers & Sub-Woofer

Model 3000  $899.99

Model 4000  $1199

All Systems include:   1.44 Floppy Drive; 56k Modem-Fax/Voice/Data, Microsoft Internet Keyboard, Optical Mouse. ( Except Starter system call for details )

We offer a One year warranty: Software issues not covered but can be addressed per incident. Prices and Configurations of all systems subject to change. Shipping charges extra and not refundable. 14 days for returns. Returns with authorization only. 20% restocking fee on all returns.         

Monitors: available in 15", 17", 19" sizes. Call for additional items to add to your system. 

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